I have been living in Cuzco Peru for the past month. Taking a intensive teach English as a foreign language class at the language institute called Maximo Nivel.

While I was in Ecuador I had met an X university professor who had recently taken a TEFL program and was teaching on line. She warned me it going to be a very intense hard-working month. But she encouraged me to go for it. I’m very determined to live a life exploring the world and opening up my mind getting to know people of different cultures so hard-work wasn’t going to deter me.

During this past month. I have challenged myself and got out of my comfort zone in many ways. Public speaking has always been a challenge for me even reading out loud in front of people makes me have butterflies in my stomach. I’ve been reading out loud and standing in front of the class teaching all month. This is something that doesn’t come natural to me. I’m not one that likes to be standing in front with all eyes on me. But I did it and it was fine.
I’ve spent years writing in a nursing format . Now I had to write in a completely different style. I had to write an academic paper on grammar the thought of it was intimidating. But in the end it flowed and wasn’t bad at all. Writing the paper was a healing experience. I jumped into this academic environment that required public speaking and writing. An all time fear of mine and I succeeded in challenging and facing my fears. It’s all the ego that plays with our heads. Having done this is opening doors and unblocking self made limitations. Letting go of our egos allows us to manifest our our true path.

I finished the TEFL certificate program last night here in Peru. And now the world is open to me it feels great to know I’ll be able to work wherever I decide to go in the world. The bizarre destiny thing is I was taking a course to become a teacher and I ended up with two great nursing job opportunities one in Guatemala and one in Kenya. So I’m off the Kenya soon. Where I’ll be both nursing and teaching English.
I have manifested a life of adventure and wonderful human connections. I’m feeling very blessed.



pre Inca fishing boats

Still using them today. They are the original surfers

I spent the afternoon taking to the grave tender. He was an old man that has worked tending these graves his whole life. He enjoyed talking with me and gave me lots of hugs. Working on my Spanish when ever I can.

Chan Chan is the largest city of the Pre Columbian era in South America.

All adobe


“Dear Reader,

We wouldn’t need books quite so much if everyone around us understood us well. But they don’t. Even those who love us get us wrong. They tell us who we are but miss things out. They claim to know what we need, but forget to ask us properly first. They can’t understand what we feel — and sometimes, we’re unable to tell them, because we don’t really understand it ourselves. That’s where books come in. They explain us to ourselves and to others, and make us feel less strange, less isolated and less alone. We might have lots of good friends, but even with the best friends in the world, there are things that no one quite gets. That’s the moment to turn to books. They are friends waiting for us any time we want them, and they will always speak honestly to us about what really matters. They are the perfect cure for loneliness. They can be our very closest friends.”




The book I’m reading now has been a great friend  I’m almost done reading it  I’m going to be sad to turn the last page.  I suggest it highly to all my woman goddess friends


On this journey I have been finding a greater connection with nature. Yesterday in Puerto Lopez I experienced both the beauty and fierceness of our earth. As I was dancing on the beach late at night the plankton waves created disco lighting and movement of neon green and blue. I was in awe of the natural phenomenon of color as I walked on the beach back to my place to get some sleep. Once I was comfy and sound asleep I was shaken out of bed by a 6.2 earthquake. The neighborhood all came out to the streets fear was in the air. Many families walked down to the beach. My thoughts went to a tsunami. As I was reminded nature has beautiful and fierce phenomenons. Eventually the aftershocks become lighter and we all went back to bed. As I was falling back to sleep my thoughts went to how we ALL plants, animals, and humans share in the beauty and vulnerability of our Mother Earth.